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03 August 2009 @ 07:40 pm
what what, world  
So apparently it has been over a year since I posted anything more substantial than updates on my tumultuous love/hate relationship with Heroes and retarded fanfic locked to claeemms that NO ONE ELSE EVER will see, cross my heart and hope to die.

Which means I should do some serious summer recapping, because 2009 has been pretty epic, let me tell you. So keep an eye out for

1) ITALY - I spent a month in Orvieto this summer, it was spectacular and inspiring and I walked where the Caesars walked, guys, and I almost swooned a few times in the Forum and Hadrian's villa. It was a good time to be a star-struck Classics major!

2) Anime Expo - because I revel in my nerd-dom, kay. Costumes + people watching + over-priced Starbucks + crashing with the Katz~!

3) Hawaii - I know, I know. Turtles, fish and parrots oh my! Amazing but don't expect me to get enthusiastic about water for the next few months.

4) Comic-Con - IT ROCKED MY WORLD. Report and pics of all the amazing people and sights to come~

5) MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE AT THE ROXY!! - face was shredded, as promised. touched rock stars, looked into face of greatness, etc.

6) various costume nonsense, because owning your hobby should be cool now.

All this after I sleep for a week, probably, because I haven't had the chance for, well, almost all of 2009 what with thesis/graduation happening before all of these shenanigans. Also because it will be 115 in AZ when I finally make it back there. :(