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20 July 2008 @ 12:26 am
AVATAR IS THE MOST EPIC THING TO HAVE EVER EPIC...ed. WATCH IT, WATCH IT NOW. I feel fulfilled as a person after that finale.

In other news! I am in California to enjoy the sun, surf and anime conventions, and also to worry about grad school applications and, like, the lit gre, which is forcing me to read paradise lost a second time, curse it to the heavens (ahaha). :)
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14 May 2008 @ 02:08 am
Things I Never Knew I Wanted, May 13th 2008, Thank You Very Much, Interview With A Vampire:

a) Tom Cruise as a crazy-ass blond vampire.

b) Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas practically making out. AS VAMPIRES.


Also, how on Earth did I manage to go so many wasted years without seeing it? It is completely wretched in all of the ways that I like best.

In other media news: Speed Racer is A++++ THUMBS UP AWESOME, and I have been watching way too much Gossip Girl.
VIVA ITALIA! Expect a truly disgusting amount of pictures when I return from my globe-trotting!!

:D :D :D
17 January 2008 @ 03:55 pm
I just caught up on Bleach (Ch 305, I think, yikes), and will now proceed to have nightmares about Mayuri for a week! Gah.

Also, RE: Byakuya, I really enjoy that he has decided to be an arrogant jerk on his own damn terms, ie, because he is an arrogant jerk, not because a proper shinigami acts like an arrogant jerk blah blah blah etc. Also he is sexy.
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15 January 2008 @ 11:29 pm
Classes start up again tomorrow!

Also, if you yes YOU, FRIEND'S LIST, have not watched Avatar: The Last Airbender yet then do so. Because it makes my heart explode with love, and I must share it with the world. So do it.

I was browsing through the used bookstore for fun this afternoon (it's very soothing!) and found a copy of Vagrant Story, which I have wanted to play for ages, and since my birthday is this week, I had an excuse to buy it. And, I love it so much. It's gorgeous even with ten-year-old graphics, very atmospheric, very well directed and it has an amazing soundtrack. The main villain's theme song makes my skin crawl - very appropriate, considering he is hella creepy. And I like the hero, so far, even if he does seem to have compensated for the murder of his wife and child by wearing pants with creative holes in the back. You have to hand it to a tall, muscular dude with antennae hair who can pull off backless pants while mowing down zombies with a sword. That's hardcore.

In other news: finals! ahahaha. erk.
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28 November 2007 @ 07:00 pm
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31 October 2007 @ 09:35 pm
+ IT'S HALLOWEEN! Totally ran out of candy, which I didn't expect, and which makes me kind of sad because now I am hungry and want a Reese's. :( On the other hand, I made tiny children happy!

+ and then I fell asleep watching Transformers downstairs - which is pretty pathetic, really, how hard is it to stay awake during epic robot battle???

+ I did however wear a hat with ears to class today! There was a severe lack of Halloween spirit in general on campus!! Except for about half of my last class, who skipped out to get drunk early, apparently.

+ I've spent the last week either writing papers or watching children's cartoons, guess which one was more fun!

--> on that note, I have a new favorite animal. It is called a KoalaSheep. Observe:

--> PS, watch Avatar: The Last Airbender on Nickolodean. It is way more badass than any kid's cartoon has any real right to be. Also I am weak to storylines that features a merry band of renegade teenagers out to kick butt and save the world, while still having time for retarded romance and kooky animals and in that one very special episode, hippies. Siriusly.

+ Heroes: Mohinder is the worst spy ever. Matt is being an ass. Claire is being unbelieveably retarded. What happened to awesome fighty Claire from the end of last season? Also she needs to ditch that West dude so fast. I have a hard time not hissing whenever he shows up. Mr. Bennet is still scary as all get out! Sylar is still evil. Peter needs to go back to being a fluffy emo puppy, I liked him better then. I kind of grudgingly don't mind his new girlfriend, though. Veronica Mars was really out of place? Anyway. I'm still waiting for the plot to pick up speed.

+ I've actually missed the last two episodes of Supernatural, sigh.

+ Pushing Daisies continues to be tooth-rottingly sweet and adorable. Me likey.

+ Moonlight continues to be so bad it is AWESOME. I mean. It does everything you shouldn't do when making a show about vampires and is so campy... But I love it. This says a lot about me as a person, possibly?

+ Going to Italy over spring break and am impossibly excited!!!! Aside from considering the cost, which makes me sob. But. Food and Ancient Romans and Art and History - so many of my favorite things. :) :) :)
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10 October 2007 @ 08:07 pm
Pushing Daisies SOCUTE. I am in love with the writing on that show. And the pie. But that goes without saying.

Anyway. Dinner and homework noooow but!

I just wanted to say that Monday's Heroes episode - unremarkable for the most part - Sylar/Lost crossover, anyone? I would really like to see Sylar vs. Benry. Although it would be terrifying, it would also be awesome: terrifyingly awesome, possibly.

Also my roomies have discovered my habit of talking to TV characters when I watch stuff by myself. "You're watching TV? ...we thought you were on the phone." I can't help it! Also I give them affectionate nicknames and warn them not to do bad things! They rarely listen to me. :(

PS: Greek is evil. It is CONSPIRING AGAINST ME. Noun endings are too much like math.
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