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chattering about Shelley

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My interests are five years old but being preserved for posterity. Ah, those were the days.

I am starting my PhD in English in the fall, and until then I will spend my life relearning Latin, pretending to be video game characters on the internet, cosplaying, and reading interior design blogs. I am nothing if not entirely predictable in a hopefully endearing, entertaining and wildly unanticipated manner!

layout base code by refuted, i just messed with the colors

"the larch", alternate universes, ancient rome, angst wolves, anthony j. crowley, anthropologie, artistry, ashley's parties, axel, axel = sting, axel and roxas, axel being a sleaze, baking, becoming a corrupting influence, being a hermit, being in sirius denial, billy joel, bleach, bleach historical au, blue popsicles, books, british slang, byakuya, byakuya/hisana, caps lock emotion, captain jack sparrow, civil war bleach au, classic film society, clever dialogue, cloud and leon tagteam, cloud is 100% man, cloud strife, cloud/aeris, cloud/tifa, comparative literature, corner of woe, costumes in general, dark chocolate, demoting rafiki, destiny island ot3, did i mention roadtrips, discworld, disneyland, doctor who, don't rock the log, ecce romani, ellis friedman, elvish genetics, faramir, faramir/eowyn, fashion, fictional characters, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, final fantasy xii, finding plot holes, firefly, fortress of solitude, friendship conquers all, fullmetal noir, glitter in envelopes, good omens, havelock vetinari, heart of darkness, hugging werewolves, icons, inside jokes, interior design, jack/elizabeth/will, james "sawyer" ford, joe-joes, kingdom hearts, larsa, lawrence of arabia, le chevalier d'eon, leon/yuffie, living through the internet, loitering in bookstores, london, lord of the rings, lost, lupin/angua, machiavelli is funny, married couple otps, melancholy of suzumiya haruhi, men in capes, mocking country music television, morning cup of matterhorn, mr. darcy, multicolored lupinlets, narnia, narusasusaku, obscure wars, oh snap-ing, opportune moments, ouran koukou host club, peppermint tea, peter the magnificent, pirate captain norrington, pirate coats, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pretentious jedi luke, quotes, reading, red hair, renji/rukia, roadtrips, roxas, roxas?, roy mustang, rozencrantz and guildenstern, samurai champloo, shakespearian references, shunsui, skipping in disneyland, smelly paper, snarky banter, snarky teenager sora, social ineptitude, sora: matchmaker extraordinaire, sreetcar named shinigami, strife dynasty, swashbucklers, swishy capes, swishy skirts, sword fights, swords, talking during movies, tamaki at disneyland, that flighty temptress adventure, the beach, the expression "like wo", the great potter-gatsby, the marauders, the romans, too much axel, ukitake, veronica mars, vetinari, warmongering, watermelon, werewolves, whining about tucson, wicked, world o college, writing on the beach, zack/aeris, zack/aeris/cloud/tifa, zack/cloud